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Text-Size: A - A Language. Clerk Marriage. The license fee is non-refundable and includes two certified copies. When to Apply Marriage licenses may be used immediately upon purchase, but must be used within 30 days from the date of purchase at which time the license expires.

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Identification and proof of age is required of all persons. If a divorce has been granted within the last 30 days, you need to provide a certified copy of the divorce decree. Marriage License Copies. Request by Mail If requesting by mail, please include: Name of person requesting copy Address of requestor Name of applicants with the name used at the time of application.

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Who May Perform a Marriage Ceremony? According to Utah Code Title 30 , Marriages may be solemnized by the following persons only: Ministers, rabbis, or priests of any religious denomination who are: in regular communion with any religious society; and 18 years of age or older; Native American spiritual advisors; The governor; The lieutenant governor; mayors of municipalities or county executives; A justice, judge, or commissioner of a court of record; A judge of a court not of record of the state; Judges or magistrates of the United States; The county clerk of any county in the state, The president of the Senate; The speaker of the House of Representatives; or A judge or magistrate who holds office in Utah when retired, under rules set by the Supreme Court.

Mutual Commitment Registry. You will need to complete the Declaration form.

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If you have previously filed a Declaration, it must be six months since you also filed a notice of termination for that mutual commitment. Upon the filing of the Declaration and payment of the fee, you will be issued 2 certified copies of the completed Declaration. When to file an Amended Declaration of Mutual Commitment - If you move or change your mailing address, please update your Declaration of Mutual Commitment.

No fee is charged. If the declarant s would like certified copies of the notice, a certified copy will be issued to each party. Those uses include: All facilities owned or operated by the County and services provided by the County shall allow those listed on the Mutual Commitment Registry, and his or her children, to be included in any rights and privileges accorded a spouse and children for purposes of use and access to County facilities and services.

Individuals requesting a marriage license who are 16 or 17 years of age Note: The age difference between both parties to the marriage must be less than seven years. Must provide a certified birth certificate and have parental consent to be married.

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They must obtain written authorization from a judge of the court exercising juvenile jurisdiction in the county where either party to the marriage resides or a court commissioner as permitted by rule of the Judicial Council. The judge or court commissioner shall require that both parties to the marriage complete premarital counseling.

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This requirement may be waived if premarital counseling is not reasonably available. If the parents of the minor are divorced, consent shall be given by the parent having legal custody of the minor as evidenced by an oath of affirmation to the clerk.

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If the parents of the minor are divorced and have been awarded joint custody of the minor, consent shall be given by the parent having physical custody of the minor the majority of the time as evidenced by an oath of affirmation to the clerk. If the minor is not in the custody of a parent, the legal guardian shall provide the consent and provide proof of guardianship by court order as well as an oath of affirmation.

The goal of this website is to ensure all members of the general public can use their right to access California state public records. This can be done without requiring a reason for accessing such information, or providing personal information, unless the requested record is confidential by law or court decision. Criminal records, court records, vital records and state background checks are all present on California State Records. This includes over million transparent public records. Availability of more recent records through both third party and government websites have become more standard over the past 30 years as digitalization becomes more common. This helps to ensure Californians abide by the commitment for the United States of America to remain a fair and just society for all. Find out how California manages their large population, and multiple layers of jurisdiction and law.

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Arrest Records are documents that detail incidents involving arrests and detainments orchestrated by law enforcement agencies. The Freedom of Information Act gives us the right to access governmental information with little restriction. This allows U. Citizens to stay informed and free.

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