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To obtain a legal name change in North Dakota, an applicant must submit a petition to the court. At least 30 days before filing the applicant must publish notice of intended application in a newspaper, however the publication requirement can be waived for victims of domestic violence or individuals only seeking to change their first name. Individuals with a felony conviction must provide additional information with their petition and must notify Bureau of Crime Investigation within ten days of the order granting the name change.

Code Ann. This transition may or may not lead to further surgical intervention.

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The North Dakota Department of Transportation addresses name change here. North Dakota will amend the gender marker on a birth certificate upon receipt of a signed statement from a physician indicating that you have had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition to a new gender. To apply for an amended birth certificate, the applicant should submit their written request form , the physician's statement to request an updated gender marker, a certified copy of their court ordered name change if applicable, and payment of the associated fees.

The record will be marked amended with a description of the amendments. Usually, the certificate is only available to you, not to someone asking for you, unless that someone is your legal representative. If you have any updates or additions to the information below, please email us so we can keep this page current.

Also, if you have more information than what we have at the bottom of the page about how to obtain your birth time if you were born outside of the U. We hope you find what you need! There are additional fees for expedited services.

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  • The website is www. The telephone number is Alabama provides the birth time ONLY on the decorative copy of the birth certificate that is provided to the mother at the time of birth. Money orders should be made payable to Bureau of Vital Statistics. Personal checks are not accepted. To verify current fees, the telephone number is ; this will be a recorded message. The state office has kept records since January They do not have birth times between through Box , Sacramento, CA You can also get information and download a birth certificate request form from their web site.

    Where to Write for Vital Records - North Dakota

    This information is current as of April 23, Thanks to our site visitors for updating us! Thanks to our site visitors for this update! If overnight delivery is requested you will be charged an additional fee for this service. You may use the VitalChek fax service to request a record, but copies of birth certificates cannot be sent by fax. In person: Request a birth certificate in person at the state Vital Records Office or County Vital Records Office in the county where the birth occurred.

    You can also get a copy at the courthouse in the county you were born.

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    The time quoted for receiving it is 6 weeks. The request can only be in writing.

    Before the birth certificates did not record the time of birth. The hospitals did in a separate record,but may not have kept them until now.

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    Call for recorded message to have an application mailed or to speak with a customer service representative if you have specific questions. It did record times on birth certificates for the years prior to and those after , right up to the present. Records can be ordered directly online using a credit card or applications downloaded from their website.

    Tel for the Division itself; Tel for placing the order.