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For instance, supplies such as supplementary food, female hygiene products, books, writing utensils and a plethora of other things are examples of things that can be purchased as part of an inmate commissary packages for goods. When you add money to an inmate account, the prison funds are stored on an inmate trust fund. This prison account basically acts as a personal bank account of an inmate.

They will use this account to make Inmate Calls, pay for postage to Send Photos from Inmates, send emails from inmates, purchase Items from Commissary, receive wages from jobs, and more. Inmates may receive only metered, unstamped, plain white postcards no larger than 4" x 6" as mail. Writing must be in pencil or blue or black ink. Any other mail will be returned to the sender. If no return address is available, unauthorized mail will be stored in the inmate's locker until the inmate's release. Inmate mail cannot contain any of the following: Create an immediate threat to jail order by describing the manufacture of weapons, bombs, incendiary devices, or tools for escape that realistically are a danger to jail security; Advocate violence, racial supremacy or ethnic purity; No current inmate-to-inmate mail will be allowed and will be destroyed.

The easiest workaround is to look over the mailing services of InmateAid. We have an automated system for sending your loved one that special message or picture. We send thousands of pieces of mail per month with NO issues with the prisons or jails.

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The envelopes display the InmateAid logo, the mail room knows for certain that the contents will not be compromising. This trust was established in Greeting cards are great for the holidays and birthdays. The ones from the store often have more than just the message because the policies surrounding appropriate content no nudity or sexually suggestive material no matter how funny , and they cannot have glitter, stickers or anything else that makes the card different from a normal plain old card.

Instead of going to the Hallmark store in the mall and looking around for hours - go to our easy to search Greeting Cards service. It takes literally 45 seconds and it's very affordable for what you're getting and what they are getting, too! Select from s of birthday, anniversary and every holiday you can think of, and VERY easy to send from your phone on InmateAid :.

If you have a picture or two and don't want to write a long letter. Type out a little love in the message box and send your latest selfie. Don't wait until the moment has passed, it's easy and convenient to let them know you're thinking of them at every moment. Send the best magazines and books to your Inmate in jail or prison, it's the gift that keeps on giving all year round, There is nothing more exciting to an inmate besides their release date than getting their favorite magazine every month at mail call.

Magazines and books must come directly from the publisher.


You are not allowed to send single magazines in an envelope. They need to come directly from the publisher with your inmate's name affixed to the address label. Magazine subscriptions are easy to set up, it takes literally 2 minutes. You know when you go into the grocery and browse the new magazines on display? You see hundreds. Inside they place a little card that if you fill it out and send it in with your inmate's name, ID number and facility address - you drop it in the mail and in weeks your inmate gets an issue every month for a whole year.

Select a title or two and add your inmate's name to the order. It's fast, it's reliable and it's at a discounted rate for your convenience. The prison phone companies have a monopoly at the facility they have a contract with. Profits are shared so there is no incentive for their representatives to show you how to save money. They post their rates and in almost every case, there are at least two pricing tiers.

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Depending on where you are and where your inmate is, the type of phone number you use will make all the difference. For the other facilities that are not federal, it used to be that a local number was the answer. Now, its market intelligence and InmateAid has made it their business to know what the best deal is in every scenario. But we will give you a refund if we can't save you money. For more specific information on inmate calls, you will want to navigate to the facility your inmate is incarcerated in through our site by going to Prison Directory and following the links to the Discount Telephone Service - get an honest estimate before you buy.

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You got lucky! We have no ad to show to you! Connect with an Inmate Arrest Records. Discount Calls. Send Postcards. Send Magazines. Send Money. Registered Offenders. Second Chance Jobs. Looking for an inmate at this facility? Use Facility Inmate Locator.

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Vandergrift PA Police Jail basic information to help you understand the arrest and bail process and what comes next. For Directions call Sunday am - pm Monday am - pm Tuesday am - pm Wednesday am - pm Thursday am - pm Friday am - pm Saturday am - pm Federal Holidays am - pm No cellphones, you will be searched before visiting. How To Send Things There are strict procedures for everything related to "sending things to an inmate" in a Police Station - medium facility.

How To Send Money: How to Send an Inmate Money in Pennsylvania Here are some general guidelines for sending money to an inmate's trust account; but not specific to a particular facility, institution or jail. What is a Commissary? How you send money to an inmate? Who else can access the money you send?

Why is my inmate asking for more than I normally send? Who can I call if I suspect something? Inmate Commissary: What is Inmate Commissary?

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What is an Inmate trust account? How To Send magazines and Books: Send magazines to Vandergrift PA Police Jail at Grant Ave, Vandergrift, PA Send the best magazines and books to your Inmate in jail or prison, it's the gift that keeps on giving all year round, There is nothing more exciting to an inmate besides their release date than getting their favorite magazine every month at mail call. How To Save Money on Inmate Calls The prison phone companies have a monopoly at the facility they have a contract with. Ask The Inmate Ask a former inmate questions at no charge.

Reported Annual Crime In North Apollo

The inmate answering has spent considerable time in the federal prison system, state and county jails, and in a prison that was run by the private prison entity CCA. I also work systemically with couples and families to build more supportive and connected relationships. I believe the path towards recovery and personal growth is a holistic journey that builds upon the strengths of the clients I serve. My approach to therapy includes cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness training and trauma based interventions.

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