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Rohrer is an aggressive, experienced Family Law trial attorney who practices exclusive family law in the State of Indiana. She is vastly experienced in divorce, child support, visitation, Father's Rights, college expense contribution, paternity, protective orders, emancipations, qualified domestic relations orders and all other various issues arising in family law cases. Derla R. Highly experienced in Criminal Law.

Attorney Derla R. Gross has been practicing for more than 28 years. Her years of experience have given her the insight and knowledge required in order to provide reliable and effective representation. In matters of Family Law, such as divorce, legal Jared R. John , IN Divorce, Family and Probate. View Website View Lawyer Profile. Julie is a local girl born in Hammond, Indiana, raised in Highland and setttled in St.

After graduating high school in , she attended Ball State University. In , she graduated cum laude with a B.

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After college, she married her high school sweetheart and earned a Master's degree in Psychology from Valparaiso University. After working with attorneys in the Prosecutor's Office, Julie decided that she wanted to join them and Divorce, Bankruptcy, Family and Juvenile. Since , my practice has been focused on the handling of legal matters entailing direct client contact and advising of the appropriate legal remedy for clients to pursue in areas ranging from criminal defense, domestic relations, and financial matters, including bankruptcy and estate planning.

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Robert M. He received his B. Hess was admitted to the Indiana and Illinois Bars in Hammond , IN Attorney Eduardo Fontanez was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. The office is less than a mile away from the expressway which makes it convenient for clients. I hope we can resolve any issue you may need. I and my staff, here at the Law Office of Eduardo Fontanez, are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

Andrew J. Divorce Valparaiso University School of Law. Eric Neff View Lawyer Profile.

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John Mario Acosta Jr. John M. Acosta Jr. In July , he enlisted in the United States Army. He served as a Military Police Officer for almost two years, with his remaining three years as a Military Police K-9 Officer, at various military installations and was honorably discharged.

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In , he pursued a career in law enforcement. During that time, he worked as a patrol officer and was eventually promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Army Military Police Lincolnway Suite 4 Valparaiso , IN Betsy has been an Indiana Attorney since , and is the former Executive Director of the Lake County Bar Association, and among other things was in charge of their referral network. Betsy has conducted academic research and has been a featured speaker all across North America speaking on legal and nonlegal subjects. Lea P. Shelemey is a solo practitioner in Valparaiso, Indiana.

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She was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She received her undergraduate degree Bachelor of Science from Valparaiso University, magna cum laude, in with majors in both philosophy and psychology. See below for more details. Visit the National Archives website 2. Select the state where the Divorce took place in 4. Fill out the form and pay the fee for processing. Unfortunately those divorce records are archived and you will only be able to access them from Indiana Archival Records or the Federal Government Archives.

Visit Indiana Archives and Records Administration 2. Find the relevant County Court Clerk from the list 3. Call the phone number or visit the court in person 4. Request the archived Indiana divorce records 5. Pay the fee for a certified copy of the divorce record. Indiana divorce records are maintained by the vital records office in the county where the divorce took place. You can also check with VitalCheck. Visit the county Vital Records office where the divorce took place 2. Request a copy of of your divorce records 3.

Provide an acceptable photo ID 4. Pay the relevant fee for a copy or certified copy 5. Processing can take up to a few weeks. His death certificate says he did. I believe it is an error on certificate. You can also contact the Indiana Department of Health to inquire about the specifics of his death certificate. Please reach out to our customer support about your Indiana Divorce Record Report. They can assist you with your divorce record search results. Below is our customer support information for your convenience.

If you need an official copy of your Indiana Divorce Decree you will want to contact the courthouse where your IN divorce decree was filed. You can talk to the courthouse clerk and request this over the phone.

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You can also request a copy of IN divorce decree to be mailed to you by submitting a form online. Contact the courthouse clerk where your divorce was filed 2.

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Request a copy of your Indiana divorce decree 3. Have the date of your divorce filing available 4. Show proper ID and pay the fee for the divorce decree copy 5. Processing by mail may take a few weeks. Also, if a spouse continues to live with the other spouse after finding out about the fraud, they may no longer be eligible for an annulment.

If the spouses are first cousins but were married after September 1, and both are over 65 years old, the marriage is not eligible for annulment. Contact your county court clerk see below for a link to find your superior court to see if they have a form petition you can use. The petition should identify which of the legal grounds your request is based on. The petition should also state whether there are children of the marriage. You may have to appear in court and explain to the judge the reasons your marriage be annulled.

coquidorado.com/map10.php If the judge agrees, the judge will sign an order granting your annulment. Once the judge signs the agreed annulment, the annulment is complete. When an annulment is granted, the spouses are treated as though the marriage never existed; the spouses can say that they were never legally married to each other. If there is property that needs to be divided, the judge who grants your annulment can also sign an order dividing your property.

A marriage may still be annulled even if the spouses had children during the marriage. In some cases, the court may still decide that the children are legitimate, meaning they can still inherit from either parent and both parents have a duty to financially support the child. Children born from parents who are too closely related are still considered legitimate. Children born by married parents who discover that one spouse had another spouse living after the children were conceived are also considered legitimate. Children conceived before the date of marriage or after an annulment are considered illegitimate.

Also, if a mother is married, but not to the father of her child, the child is illegitimate.