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Saginaw County, , F. Gray v.

City of Detroit, No. Lexis 6th Cir. The officer allegedly failed to follow mandatory rules and procedures requiring him to check on the prisoner twice an hour, and therefore was not exercising discretion when he engaged in the conduct that allegedly led to the inmate's death. Court rejects, however, claims against police chief based on training, implementing and enforcing procedures concerning the identification and handling of potentially suicidal prisoners.

Howard v. City of Atmore, No. Woloszyn v.

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Lawrence, No. Lexis 3d Cir. Conditions he faced in lock-down were not punitive but were justified by a legitimate interest in preventing his possible suicide. Federal appeals court further finds that his due process rights were not violated by his loss of credit in alternative education program following his arrest and detention or by the program's refusal to re-enroll him after his release.

Daniels v.

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Woodside, No. Detainee who threatened suicide was allegedly placed in an isolation cell and given a blanket with which he hung himself a half hour after making the threat. Wever v. Lincoln County, No. There were no prior signs that the detainee, arrested for allegedly operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs, was suicidal and there was no information from which they would have known that she was at risk of harm by someone else, and no evidence that the jailers themselves murdered her. Stiltner v. Crouse, No.


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Additionally, when the detainee was subsequently observed in the cell without clothes and in a "frog-like" position, a nurse was instructed to observe the detainee to assist in determining whether the cell should be entered, and it was concluded that the detainee was merely sleeping at the time. The fact that this conclusion was incorrect might show negligence, but not the deliberate indifference required for a civil rights claim. Tunica County, Mississippi, , Fed.

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Sheriff allegedly failed to inquire into the details of this prior attempt and placed the prisoner in a cell with a bedsheet with which the prisoner successfully killed himself. The prior suicide attempt days before had also involved the use of a bedsheet. Turney v. Waterbury, No. The prisoner, at the time, appeared to have responded positively to the medication provided, and signed a contract in which he agreed not to hurt himself or others.

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The court finds that there was nothing from which the defendants could have inferred a strong likelihood that he would commit suicide at that time. Soles v. Ingham County, F. Dipace v. Goord, F. Woodward v.

Services of Illinois, , U. There was nothing to show that jail officials were subjectively aware of a substantial risk that the detainee would imminently attempt suicide. Detainee therefore could not seek damages for injuries suffered in unsuccessful suicide attempt.

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Strickler v. McCord, F. House v. County of Macomb, F. The detainee's use of his jail jumpsuit to strangle himself was not foreseeable and the cell was padded, lacking fixtures that could be used by a prisoner seeking to hang himself. Tunica County, Mississippi, F. Neither "personal property" nor "real estate" exceptions to sovereign immunity under state law applied. Pennsylvania State Police v. Klimek, A. Employee also qualified as a "state employee" because of his service in screening prisoners to determine if hospitalization was appropriate, and as a state employee, he was entitled to statutory immunity, but this did not alter the result as to the hospital or its owner.

Shelburne v. Frontier Health, S.

Middlebrooks v. Bibb County, S. Estate of Sisk v. Manzanares, F. Olson v. Bloomberg, No. Sole jailer did not act with deliberate indifference to the needs of the detainee, who had allegedly expressly threatened suicide, by waiting for approximately one hour and 46 minutes between conducting checks of the prisoner's cells. Cagle v. Sutherland, No. Bacon v. McGarry, No. Claims for products liability, negligence, and breach of warranty could proceed, along with due process claims against city for alleged reckless failure to provide proper medical care for suicidal prisoner.

Court dismisses Eighth Amendment claim as inapplicable for the death of a pretrial detainee, as opposed to a convicted prisoner. Reed v. Lawsuit contended that the jail staff had knowledge that the prisoner had suicidal tendencies and had been diagnosed as a manic-depressive schizophrenic, but failed to make arrangements to provide mental health care.

Estate of Price v. Black Hawk County, No. B2 April 7, Nichols, No. A03A, S. Walker v. State of Montana, , 68 P. State statute, A. Webb v. Arias v. State of New York, Claim No. People ex. Department of Corrections v. Millard, Nos. The plaintiff claimed that the decedent's need for psychiatric treatment or counseling was ignored, while the defendants argued that the decedent did not indicate a need for such care, but instead misled jail personnel about his medical history.

Iowa , reported in The National Law Journal, p.

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