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How Do I Convert Vinyl Records to CD? | Devoted to Vinyl

Next, click in the space between the first and second tracks. Adjust the zoom level to your satisfaction so that you can position the cursor accurately.

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  • Recording Vinyl To Your Computer.
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  • Step 2: Set It All Up.
  • How to Record Vinyl to Your Computer With Audacity.
  • Before You Begin: Getting Audacity;
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Once you've positioned the cursor, you can use the space bar to toggle playback of the recording from the cursor forward, to confirm that it's positioned correctly. If you need to adjust the position, you can easily do so with the left and right arrow keys. Repeat this process for each of the tracks on the album, and then re-save the project.

This will bring up a dialog box in which you can set the export options. Choose the one you want, and choose an Export Location for your files. Keep the default "Split files based on" option set to "Labels. Track names can also be edited later if necessary.

2.0 Will You Need An Audio Interface To Record Vinyl?

Once your options are set, click on the Export button. This will bring up an Edit Metadata dialog box showing the first track. The dialog box for the second track will appear. Repeat the process for each track in order. You can change the tags or add new ones, but the metadata can also be edited in iTunes, so I usually stick with the defaults. When you've completed the metadata for the last track, the exporting process will begin automatically. You'll find your tracks in the directory that you specified as the Export Location. This last step is simple.

In iTunes, click on Add to Library You can now enjoy your old music whenever and, if you have an iPod or other portable music player, wherever you like, without being tethered to a turntable and stereo system. You can sell or give away your old vinyl records — and the turntable too — and free up some storage space.

What you need

Of course, it's also possible to become a "digital pack rat," but that's a different subject. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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How to record vinyl to your computer

I agree with you that the vinyl LPs have a special quality that can't be duplicated in a digital transfer. And I absolutely agree with your point about the LP covers -- I really love them! Records were always the gifts that I looked forward to the most when I was a teenager. I worked in a record store during college, and I put together a pretty large collection of records. Then when I got married, the collection doubled. But for me, at least, the large number of vinyl LPs became unwieldy: a challenge to store we lost some of our records once when we got some water in our basement , and especially a challenge to transport when we moved.

The convenience of digital outweighed any loss in quality. But my guess is that I'm probably less of a music aficianado than you are. It's a personal thing. As I've gotten older, I've been working to simplify my life by reducing my physical possessions.

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The records are just one category. I'm working hard on my book collection, digitizing old family photos, etc. All in all, I enjoy the relative freedom of the "digital lifestyle. Great Hub, though I am left wondering why all the digitizing, when you could actually just listen to the music on the turntable? I sold a 10, CD collection to buy vinyl, nothing compares to the sound of a quality well taken care of record. I do convert to mp3 as well for on the go enjoyment of the vinyl, but the sound transfer, while not bad for what it is, is not the same. I was always amazed at the LP to Mp3 craze, I thought people realized that getting rid of their vinyl was a bad idea?

How to Digitize Your Vinyl Records

Especially with so many space saving options out their for storage now. For me, the takes up too much space argument rings hollow, and I always felt the CD booklet or digital booklet is very depressing next to the original 12 inch cover as well.

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  • How to Record Vinyl Records into a Computer;
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  • Rip Vinyl Records to Your PC.
  • Step 2: Connect a USB Turntable to Your Computer.

Holding that 50 year old first press jazz record in your hand is like touching history for me. I guess it's more than just sound for me, the entire vinyl experience. Thanks, bat I have some more LPs to digitize, so I'll be following my own guide again! I've been digitizing my collection a few LPs at a time. Triple benefit: I don't have to buy the same music again, I've been able to sell many of the LPs, and I'm freeing up storage space.

Very useful guide. Here is where you clean the file of surface pops. Here is where you select the file format you want the tracks to be saved in. One caveat simply must be added: Unlike, say, the high-speed duplication of CDs, the vinyl-to-digital conversion must be done in real time. In other words, a minute-long LP will take you guessed it! Multiply that by a few dozen and perhaps a hundred or more! We suspect that those who turn up their noses are so closely wedded to the record-playing process itself that they consider listening to a favorite vinyl-born symphony as it streams from a cellphone as some kind of sacrilege.

Follow the directions, be patient, and all will be fine. Below is a transcript from my YouTube video on the best outer record sleeves on the market.

Audio Hardware Needed to Record Vinyl

You can … [Read More A lot of blogs that guide you to a new turntable will tell you that sometimes buying vintage is the … [Read More Best Options to Digitize Vinyl to CD Here are five very competent machines with that should do the job satisfactorily. A fully automatic, belt-drive table, it is a cinch to get spinning and converting right out of the box.

The package includes all required cables and the necessary Audacity software. For about thirty bucks more, this Sony will likewise do the deed. The typically included Sound Forge Audio Studio LE software is only compatible with Windows computers but you can download what you need. With more plastic parts than most, this one comes across as just a tad flimsy.

Knowing just a few Audacity tips can make your audio-editing life a whole lot easier. Read More. Click removal removes pops and clicks from the audio, which is a common issue with vinyl recordings. Hiss removal is another tool at your disposal. First select a few seconds of audio made between tracks, when only the background hiss is audible. Tweak the settings, then hit OK to apply. Choose a format in which to save your audio. It is compatible with iTunes and iOS, so you can change formats without changing your routine. Read More that results in no discernible loss in sound.

Your email address will not be published. I did have to convert the RCA cable to the pin type of plugs on computers. Is there any loss of sound quality when I do this? I thought FLAC was lossless or losslessly compressed, assuming you don't tell it to be less precise than the audio source, like for example telling it to be 16bit hz when the source is 24bit hz. As long as you tell it to be at least the same quality as the input, then it should be lossless, right? Recommends 96kHz minimum.