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On July 15, , a warrant was issued for Corey Nipper for violation of his bond.

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The U. Marshals Mountain State Fugitive Task Force arrested a man in Martinsburg who was wanted in Florida for a murder and armed robbery that occurred in November Marshals Service arrested a fugitive for the Vermont Department of Corrections that had been on the run for 11 years.

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On June 3, , an arrest warrant was issued for Rashawn Law. Law was on furlough serving a sentence for sale of cocaine, possession of stolen property, disorderly conduct, possession of a regulated drug, cocaine possession and marijuana possession. Law subsequently fled the state of Vermont.

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A felony escape warrant was issued shortly thereafter Do you have what it takes to wear the badge? No later records for William Morrall have been found. There are no indications in the records that the brothers John Morrall and William Morrall were associated in any way with the family of Robert Murrell I and wife Sarah.

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They never witnessed each other's documents or married into each others' families, although both families were originally from Christ Church Parish. The surnames were similar and Morrall was often recorded as Murrell, but there is no reason to believe that these two families were connected. The Murrells descended from Robert Murrell I and the Morralls descended from John Murrell and Elizabeth were almost certainly not related to each other. At least not closely.

Wife: Elizabeth, residency on my plantation during her widowhood. This is the only record in which the Murrells and Morralls were connected. Henry Lewis and William Morrall had together purchased acres on the Sampit River in mentioned above. It is not known what happened to William Morrall's half of the land, but at least some of Henry Lewis's half was purchased by Jonathan Murrell and inherited by his sons Anthony and William.

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They later disposed of the land by selling it to their cousin, Robert Murrel, Junr. In the deed below, only acres was sold, not acres. Recorded 12 Oct It is not known how or when Robert Murrell II acquired this land.

Wife: Susanah, liberty to live in house on plantation where I now live during her widowhood. We have found no proof that John Murrell d by was the same as an earlier John Murrell, son of William Murrell who arrived in the Charleston area from Barbados in It's certainly a possibility, but we need more to make a solid connection. The earliest record we have found for Robert Lewis proves that his wife had arrived in It's possible Robert Lewis arrived in SC even earlier.

At least one source states that he might have arrived in , but no records were cited to support this belief. Cheves, Langdon, ed. Yeamans arrived in Carolina from Barbadoes about 1 July With or soon after came The Blessing sailed about May 14, , touched at Barbadoes?

Lewis ]. Both families were originally from Barbados and had arrived in SC at very nearly the same time. This early William Murrell was in possession of land and "dwelleth upon" land on the Wando River according to several records from to However, the Cooper River on the east side of Charles Town was referred to as the Wando River in the earliest records.

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It's clear from the records for William Murrell's land that his land was in the Goose Creek area north of Charleston and west of the Cooper River - but referred to as the Wando River at that time. He also owned a lot at Oyster Point - an early name for Charleston. So the fact that John Murrell d by and the early William Murrell both lived "on the Wando" actually does not put their homes in the same location. William Murrell lived on the west side of the Cooper River while John Murrell d by lived on the east side of the Cooper.