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Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Caps and Mittens used to be Smaller Garments Here you can find additional background information about the garment in the booklet Caps and Mittens. Cap from Dublin difficulty degree 1 Pattern in four sizes based on four different finds.


The little tip on top of the head is found on most of the caps in Dublin and Lincoln Wincott Heckett , On the more well-known cap in York it is cut off Walton Rogers , The cap is small. I have taken the sizes on the pattern sheet from four of the finds in York and Dublin Wincott Heckett , , Walton Rogers , The cap from York is clearly the largest; the others are very small and should reach about to the ear.


Remains from the tape knotted under the chin have been found on one of the caps in Dublin Wincott Heckett , On many of the other caps the existence of the tape is indicated by the fabric which is pulled forwards Wincott Heckett , 59, 64, 66, 70, 71, On the cap from York the tape has been fastened higher up and was probably made of linen Walton Rogers , There are other possible ways to fasten the cap, but this is the only one that fits with the finds and also keeps the cap in place.

The shape of the caps in Birka is very insecure. I have chosen to base it totally on the caps in Moshchevaya Balka picture , which fit very well together with the well kept seam on the cap in grave in Birka Geijer , 62 and plate In Moshchevaya Balka there are no tablet-woven braids. In grave in Birka there was instead a posament along one of the vertical seams. The shape of interpretation 1 of the cap is primarily based on the pointed cap in Moshchevaya Balka picture. There was probably a hanging variety too, which might have been longer and certainly lacked interlining picture.

A metal top connected to a cap has been found in Birka grave Geijer , plate Similar metal tops have also been found further east.

Vendel and Dark age ornamental design – Medieval Treasures

Hanging metal adornments of other types have also been found in Birka. The shape of interpretation 2 of the cap is based on figurines, especially this one depicting Thor picture. Fragmentary Annals of Ireland. Edited and Translated by Joan Newlon Radner. Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Jones, Gwynn.

A History of the Vikings. McTurk, Rory. New Series XV. Saxo Grammaticus. The History of the Danes.

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  7. Edited and Translated by Peter Fisher and H. Ellis Davidson. Cambridge: D. Brewer, Smyth, Alfred P. Scandinavian Kings in the British Isles, Stenton, Frank M. Anglo-Saxon England. Valante, Mary A. Waggoner, Ben. The Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok. New Haven, CT: Be sure to check out his other music while you're there. An archetypal exploration of the myths and legends of Northern Europe. We read about Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, their Doom, the Death of Odin, and the inevitable, terrible destruction of the world.

    But all is not lost.

    Helmet Ages Dark Vendel with Viking Aventail Mail 7d0dbhwzs74553-Sporting goods

    Would you like to hear more? This is the Northern Myths Podcast, an archetypal exploration of the myths and legends of Northern Europe, including Norse mythology, the Finnish Kalevala, and more. If you'd like to support the show you can support us on Patreon here: Northern Myths Podcast Patreon The Poetic Edda is the primary original source for the myths and legends of Norse Mythology. The Poetic Edda includes everything from the creation of the world to its destruction in Ragnarok, from the adventures of Thor to the wisdom of Odin.

    We are exploring these timeless stories to learn how the Norse people understood the world, and how we can apply their worldview to life today. Crawford has a great voice for it, and actually pronounces everything properly. It's a must have if you like our show! Available here: The Poetic Edda Audiobook Show Outline: - Introduction, recap of previous episode - Stanza Giants getting ready to attack Ragnarok, Heimdall blows the Gjallarhorn, Odin talks with Mimir - Stanza Yggdrasil sighs when the giants shake it - Stanza Revisiting the Fenris refrain - Stanzas Hrim, the Midgard Serpent, and Loki advance on the Gods with Naglfar - Stanza All good beings of the world are at risk, the Aesir are in council - Stanza Surtr the spirit of fire arrives, men walk the road to Hel.

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    Rank 2: Interview with Einar Selvik of Wardruna. We are joined by Einar Selvik of Norwegian band Wardruna!

    This Valuable Viking Grave is Missing Something Important

    We discuss the influences behind Einar's music, the way he brings relevant elements of the past into the present through his work, and his upcoming projects including Wardruna's upcoming album, Skald! The show dedicated to retelling the lost history of the Vikings. A conversation with inspirational historian and acclaimed history YouTuber Hilbert. From Shieldmaidens and Viking women to naval warfare and Viking battle tactics, Hilbert and I explore every area of Viking life! We also ask important questions like - How did the Viking Age begin?

    Elizabeth Ashman Rowe. In this episode, we discuss historical sources for his life and how studying him can contribute to a greater understanding of the Viking Age. Rank 1: Episode 53 - Theological Reflection - What if's. Rank 2: FrithCast Ep 1 Introductions!. We hope you enjoy, but please let us know what you think! Available at freemusicarchive. A retelling of the legends of King Arthur, Robin Hood and many others, for all the family. Rank 1: So What Next?.

    Announcing the next tale from the Myths and Legends of Europe! Rank 2: Important Announcement. An important announcement about Christmas scheduling and my new recording technology. The Real Middle Ages is a history podcast about the different historical characters and themes in the European Medieval period. Join me as I talk about kings, vikings, political regimes and the struggles of a foreign time. Rank 1: Episode 4 The Rus and their origins. In this episode I talk about the Russian Primary Chronicle, archaeology, and the beginning of the Viking age.

    Some of the major trade routes for the Vikings. The beautiful Oseberg ship in Oslo. Rank 2: Episode 3 The end of the Middle Ages. In episode 3 I talk about the end of the middle ages and a number of dates that historians have used to describe the transition from medieval period to the early modern age.

    The seminar series Viking Phenomena: current research on late Iron Age Scandinavia

    This episode acts as a bookend for the podcast as I wont go past my chosen date for the middle ages. The Iroquois Confederacy. An Indigenous North American civilization with equal rights and representative government that left Europeans in bewilderment.

    Their influence affected the American free spirit and the modern day woman's rights movement. This show covers the culture, histories and legends of the Haudenosaunee. The People of the Longhouse. Rank 1: 01 The Peacemaker. The Five Nations of the Iroquois were locked in centuries of war, revenge killings, hate and cannibalism.

    This would become the Iroquois Confederacy. These are the histories and legends of the Haudenosaunee.