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Rowland was born in Sanger, California, and raised in Los Angeles. Sumner's Stamps Quartet. The gospel outfit toured and recorded with Elvis Presley between and ; Rowland would wear a gold lightning bolt on a chain with the letters "T. Members of the country-music world posted about his death on Facebook.

Rowland is survived by his wife, Terri; his mother; Ruby; and one sister. He left school after ten years and completed a three-year Vocational education Berufsausbildung offered by the Technical University of Berlin and graduated as a specialist in communication electronics with a major in information technology Kommunikationselektroniker, Fachrichtung Informationstechnik. He subsequently earned the Abitur and began studies in computer science at the Technical University of Applied Sciences of Berlin. During his studies, Floricic attended an internship with a company developing electronic security systems.

Since parts of this work, which were to be provided by another student, were missing, he could not finish his work on the Cryptophon. His thesis, however, was rated as exceptional by the evaluating university professor. After graduation, Floricic applied for work, but was unsuccessful. In his spare time he continued, among other activities, his work on the Cryptophon. Floricic was highly interested in electronics and security systems of all kinds. He engaged in, amongst other things, attacks against the German phonecard and Pay TV systems.

As part of his research he exchanged ideas and proposals with other hackers and scientists. On the mailing list "tv-crypt", operated by a closed group of Pay TV hackers, Floricic reported about himself in that his interests were microprocessors , programming languages , electronics of all kinds, digital radio data transmission and especially breaking the security of systems perceived as secure. Together with hackers from the Chaos Computer Club , Floricic successfully created a working clone of such a SIM card, thus showing the practicability of the attack.

He also engaged in cloning the German phonecard and succeeded. While Floricic only wanted to demonstrate the insecurity of the system, the proven insecurity was also abused by criminals which led to the attention of law enforcement agencies and the German national phone operator Deutsche Telekom. After Deutsche Telekom changed the system, Floricic tried to remove a complete public card phone from a booth by force using a sledgehammer on 3 March in order to, as he told, adapt his phonecard simulators to the latest changes.

He and a friend were, however, caught by the police upon this attempt. Floricic was later sentenced to a prison term of 15 months which was suspended to probation.

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Floricic focused on making the Cryptophon cheap and easy to build for hobbyists. The phone encrypts telephone calls using the symmetric encryption algorithm IDEA. As IDEA is patented, the cipher was implemented on a replaceable daughter module which would have allowed the user to exchange IDEA for another probably patent-unencumbered algorithm. In addition, the system was about to be supplemented with a key exchange protocol based on the asymmetric algorithm RSA in order to achieve security against compromised remote stations.

She wore blue slacks and a sweater that had been disarranged.

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Rosemary still had on her fur-fringed overshoes buttoned to the top as well as both her bright woolen mit- tens. One of the mitts had been partially pulled off. An autopsy was performed on Wednesday afternoon by County Coroner Dr. Bateman and. The autopsy could not be performed until Wednes- day afternoon because of the frozen condition of the girl's body. Bateman also indicat- ed the girl has been handled roughly because of bruises on the upper part of her body. After the autopsy the coronor stated the Mertes girl had not been criminally assulted.

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States Attorney Nortan Hatlie completed the preliminary investigation of the case late Wednesday night. He said: "We have no specific or precise suspects, but we belive it was a crime by a local person because of the nature of the crime and the abandoned grove in which the body was found. The vacant farm buildings are quite a distance from the grove. We are continuing the investigation and are questioning everyone who may be even remotely connected with the case. But the next morning, after several phone calls failed to bring any trace of her, the alarm was spread. The frantic parents clung to hope that Rosemary, who had the habit of walking in her sleep, had just wandered away.

The weather Monday night was relatively mild. Car tracks, observed by the men who arrived first on the scene, were seen to come in on the road to the east and led out of the yardway by another road to the south. Frank T. Hirons officiating. Nelson was born December 26th, , at Hankinson, the son of the late Mr.

Peter Nelson.

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He passed away Jan. He had left on a trip to California on Dec. He received the rank of Sergeant. He had been employed by P. Bradbury Construction Co. Pallbearers were: M. Kirkeby, Chris Behl, A. Interment was in the Hillside Cemetery with the Wipperman Funeral Home in charge of the arrangements.

Fred Falk nee Emelie Foeltz. He later was confirmed in the same church on Palm Sunday by Rev.


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He grew to manhood in Hankinson and attended the local school. Later he left Hankinson and was employed by a Bridge Construction Co. He made his home there for several years. He returned to Hankinson in the late ;30's and was employed by Dave Mcllwain until In November he went to Seattle, WA. Harry Boldt. He suffered a stroke and was taken to St. Gerard's Hospital December 24th and passed away there on Saturday afternoon, Jan. He is survived by a number of brothers and sisters. Lizzie Collins of boo, WI.

Millie Boldt and Mrs. Ida Bladow of Hankinson, Mrs. His parents, three brothers and Paul officiating. Interment was in Hillside Cemetery near Hankinson. Newraann passed away on Saturday, Jan. Sinai Hospital in Minneapolis, MN. He was born in at Great Bend, ND. Neumann went to Minneapolis the first part of December to visit his sons and to have his eyes checked.

He submitted to surgery on his eye and was feeling quite well. Three days after surgery he suffered a stroke and passed away six days later. He was married to Margaret Nora Pautze.

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She preceded him in death in One son, Harold, preceded him in death six years ago. Edward Sand Helen , and Mrs. Gustave Neumann Anna , both of Hankinson; Mrs. Leota Anderson Denhoff and Mrs. Therefore, this newspaper is abiding by the statue in the story on this page.

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The state, as published below, we hope, will clarify to our readers, why the accompanying story is handled in this manner. No publication of the name of any child under the juris- diction of this court shall be made by any newspaper except as contained in process of the court and published by order of the court.

Any violation of the provisions of this section shall subject the news reporter and publisher of any newspaper so violating the same to be cited for civil contempt and to be punished therefor. According to authorities a complaint char- ging the youth with second degree aianslaughter, was signed Tuesday by States Attorney Norton Hatlie. Wallace Warner of Wahpeton, who has been retained as counsel for the defendant, object- ed when the complaint was filed in Justice Court in Wahpeton, contending the Juvenile Court had the original jurisdiction in the case.

Decision on this question will await the return of Judge Clifford Schneller from Forman, where he is trying a case.