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I give up. Conclusion and Future Research Directions. Through all of this, it's important to note that DDG's web results in these nsfw searches have been pretty porn-y. So there's not a full blanket ban on nipples and other assorted genitalia when it comes to other websites. It just seems to want you to look at porn on someone else's site, not theirs.

10 Kid-Friendly Browsers that Are Totally Safe For Kids to Use

Why is this? Selective prudishness? You should probably accept your users, warts and all, unless they're trying to do something sketchy eg accessing images of a person who doesn't know they're being photographed. Most of these men and women seem pretty aware of the camera to me. Bandwidth issues? Does anyone know if users searching for porn images tend to hog a service's resources?

It's like they don't notice the problem, and probably haven't heard of what titties are in their life!

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The company must be full of guys who probably haven't seem them since their mother's or something. C'mon guys! Don't you know about the images problem we're talking about?!? Type in something like duckduckgo nsfw. You'll see the option to turn off NSFW protection temporarily or permanently. Problem solved. Does going to the settings page and turning "Safe Search" off do what you want, at least with regards to NSFW results?

No, I've done that, and I've also searched "duckduckgo nsfw" like the guy above mentioned, but none of that is what I'm asking. It does give me the proper results for regular search, but I'm talking about image search. I want it to operate exactly like Bing, since it's based off of Bing, and it should act just like it.

Just look for the same kind of stuff in Bing image search. Also, image sizes are all small, and should be able to be viewed almost in their full size like Bing does. Seriously, these are basic things that should be in and if they were in, DDG would probably be more popular.

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Yes, makes no difference. You guys don't get it.

In DDG, you won't see any nips or vags or anything like that. Do you understand? Here's a response from DDG in a similar thread.

When SafeSearch is on my site doesn't appear in search results - Nápověda Search Console

Thank you. I hope this gets fixed soon. You, my friend, get a cookie. I never noticed it myself, but you are indeed right. This certainly should be fixed! On occasion I search for humouristic cartoon images to send to friends. They clearly actively avoid it, yet don't speak a word about it.

Navigation menu

I'd be fine if they said we want to stay family friendly, but the lack of transparency is really annoying. I agree. I'm using it as my main engine right now, and I see that is it's just a web search than nsfw stuff will be shown, just not for pictures. That's what makes me think there's an error.

Also, are they profitable yet? Because if they aren't and they're a small team, then I get why development is a little slow. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Why not NSFW? Methodology I originally used nipple coverage well, lack therof as an indicator of successful search results, and Google as a benchmark on what you should see don't know if they were first but they do it best.

Initial findings I did a Google search for 'boobs' with safesearch turned off. Bing search?

Porn Niches list

When searching for meow meow, Google produces pages of information about the drug, but Kiddle lists information about cats results shown above. Under the filtered system, the top three Kiddle search results show 'safe sites and pages written specifically for kids' with those shown 'handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors' the company says. In comparison, this is Google's listing for the term 'meow meow' which only yielded information about cats on Kiddle.

However, controversially, the site blocks the word 'gay' too, with one Twitter user claiming the search term was described as a 'bad word'.

When MailOnline used the same search term, it returned the message: 'Sorry we can't help you with this query. Please try again. The company told MailOnline this is the usual response to such a query. Kiddle also blocks explicit search terms such as 'porn' as well as certain celebrities whose names could lead to adult content being displayed.

A few racy images do slip through the net, though, with a thumbnail of Pamela Anderson showing the actress wearing her famous Baywatch swimsuit, for example.

It's also been reported that searches for Vanessa Hudgens brought up naked image references, but MailOnline did not find this. Just heard of a "search engine for kids" called Kiddle. I was disappointed on my very first search.


A few racy images do slip through the net, with a thumbnail of Pamela Anderson showing the actress wearing her famous Baywatch swimsuit, for example. A screenshot of a search result on Kiddle is shown above. Twitter user Nate Smith in Pennsylvania searched for 'rabbits' only to find mention of a pet being killed.


New Search Engine For Kids Means No More Finding Twerking Videos By Mistake

It said results such as the Vanessa Hudgens naked image mention, 'slipped through the safe search filers'. The company, based in the US and the Netherlands, said it removed them an hour after complaints were submitted through its feedback system. Unlike on Google, most results are accompanied with large thumbnail pictures to make it easier for children to find what they are looking for. A large Arial font is used that is designed to be easy to read.

The new Kiddle search engine tells kids that "gay" and "lesbian" are "bad words. Kiddle blocks explicit search terms such as porn as well as certain celebrities whose names could lead to adult content being displayed.