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Its a hoax,. Got a call from this number today, but didnt answer. A very polite woman named Marcia Hansen from something Wellness- I couldnt understand the name-left me a message telling me she had my survey and was calling to work on my health solutions. Im not sure what survey I took,or when I took it, but since she was very polite and left a message I will probably answer next time she calls and at least find out what she wants.

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Just got a voice mail saying to make a payment asap and to call him back jeff scott officer he called me last month from a number now he keeps calling and calling stress ne out its a scam! A man named David lee called me yesterday morning saying that he had papers to serve me to appear on court.

Was given the option to contact the number above to work with them to pay off a fraud debt. Sounds like a scam. They call from a blocked number and are very rude over the phone. They say their attorneys are there to work with you. Doesn't sound to real to me.

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This guy couldn't get past the receptionist so he looked up the Ceo's Name- and now lies and says he is with a made up customer name to get past the receptionist. At this point with the first few calls he hung up before the CEO could get on the line. This morning he got thru. He was trying to sell anything and everything Well Known Scammer. Head our warning, or figure out yourself the hard way. It is a misleading text message and should be deleted. Whoever it is, whether it is an individual or individuals, or an organization or organizations, should be investigated and legally ordered to stop this practice.

Home Opt Out Contact. County Rd.

Wright St. Main St. Tradition Ln. River Bluff Dr. Post by Anonymous. No one spoke and shortly after I picked the phone up the caller hung up Post by Anonymous. It is safe to do : Post by Anonymous.

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Its a hoax, Post by Anonymous. He asked 'What number did we call?

What's your home worth?

He hung up. Yet they continue to call!


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A man identified himself from The Florida State Inspection Office indicating I was being sued and wanted to verify my attorney's name and my personal information. I told him I didn't understand and told him I had no knowledge of this. When I preceeded to tell him that I never received any funds and could prove it he said it wasn't his responsibility to obtain these documents. I asked for all contact information for him and he would not give it. What a scam!! I hung up on him.

Total scam.

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I got a text message about a company looking for iPhone 5 testers and I don't know how they got my number. It is called superhotcellular. They ask you for personal info then ask you to take a 5 min. Called today wants to give free phone but you are signing into a contract im guessing with telus VERY persistant and the phones are old.

They keep calling asking for a lady we have never heard of. They ask for my wife to have her contact them.

Reno 414-630

Smells like a scam to me. Just wanted to know who called? When I tried to call back immediately they said the number had been disconnected.

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I was outside when I heard the phone ring. Home Opt Out Contact. Rotamer Rd. Blakes Sr. Welcome to He Post by Anonymous. Post by Anonymous. Total scam Post by Anonymous.